Mediation Services by Family Solutions

Is where there are parents that have highly divergent perceptions of their children needs and pervasive distrust of each others capacity to provide a secure environment.

Through helpful based understanding of the developmental needs of the child separate from their own psychological agendas this approach has generally been referred to as therapeutic mediation and has for the most part been most highly developed as a method called impasse-directed mediation.

The goals of mediation are:

  • Minimize the potential for ongoing parental conflict and domestic violence
  • Place children with a parent who is relatively free of emotional problems and substance abuse
  • Promote a good parent-child relationship the best predicator of good outcomes in children
  • Develop cooperative parenting
  • Draft a clear and detailed visitation plan that minimizes shared decision making and direct communication between warring parents

Fee for this service is contingent on time, frequency and professional providing the service. Average cost for these services start at usually $55.00 an hour for sessions and 150.00 for a legal draft plan of recommendation